How to play Pachinko

[How to play 7] Experience the winning loop!



If you’ve successfully entered the Bonus Stage, your victory is imminent. What is a Bonus? How do you score that? Don’t panic. I will explain everything in detail.


Maintain your aim towards the right side of the playing field.

The method of play is the same as for a jackpot.
Make sure to maintain your aim towards the right side of the playing field. You must not aim for the left side.

The pattern of Bonus Stages will vary depending on the machine types.
There are 2 types

① The Orthodox Type, and

② The Special Time Type.

If you enter ① The Orthodox Type, you are guaranteed to hit a jackpot.
Make sure to not stop playing.

If you have entered ② The Special Time Type, you will get the chance to enjoy a predetermined number of opportunities to play the Special Time Bonus(while the number will vary depending on the machine type, it will typically be between 30 to 100 times).
The predetermined number will likely be displayed somewhere on the LED display, so please verify this number.
During Special Time, your probability of hitting a jackpot increases 10x, so you can anticipate a better chance of jackpots.
Make sure to not stop playing.
After reading up to this point, you may feel that ① The Orthodox Type gives more value than ② The Special Time Type. But that’s not the case. The Orthodox Type has a lower entrance rate, and provides a less number of winning balls. So there is a balance, and the system offers the same expectation value for both types. Don’t underestimate the ingenuity of Made in Japan.


Hit another jackpot

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What do you think? The presence of this “Kakuhen”(Bonus Stage) is perhaps the most unique aspect of gambling on pachinko. In other words, in terms of probability theory, there is the opportunity of hitting infinite jackpots. Entering into this winning loop is the key to victory.


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