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You’ll want to make sure to secure the balls won during a jackpot

That process will vary from parlor to parlor. Depending on whether the parlor is a “Type A,” in which there are boxes located beneath the Lower tray, or “Type B,” without boxes, the process will differ. So please follow the procedures of each respective type of parlor.


For Type A (almost all parlors are Type A)

When you’ve accumulated winning balls, transfer them to boxes.
When you score a jackpot, the winning balls accumulate in the Lower tray.
When you accumulate balls, make sure to transfer them to the furnished boxes.
By the way, in Japan these boxes are called “dollar boxes,” so from now on we will call them “dollar boxes” as well.
Press the ‘Ball release’ button located near the Lower tray.

The example of the location of the ‘Ball release’ button (球抜)

When you do that, the balls will transfer to the box.
The ‘Ball release’ button is a bit tricky, because its location will vary depending on the machine type, it will be displayed in Japanese, and in a worst case scenario there will be no display or signage whatsoever, so it requires some caution.
If written in Japanese, it will say ‘玉抜’.
If you can’t find the button, press any button you can find located near the Lower tray. There are no buttons in this area that will cause problems if pressed.

When the dollar box is filled, press the ‘Call’ button located at the top of the machine, which will bring a staff member to you with empty dollar boxes, so you can exchange them.
You may find this step difficult, because oftentimes the ’Call’ button will be written in Japanese. The button will often be displayed as ‘呼出’ or ‘呼び出し’ or ‘Call’.
When you press the ’Call’ button, a staff member will come and bring you empty dollar boxes.
You will be handed the empty dollar boxes, so accept them.
Then, the staff member will take your filled dollar boxes and place them on the floor.
Then, you can re-install the empty dollar box.


For Type B(there are very few of these types in existence, so use caution)

When you’ve accumulated winning balls, press the ‘Ball release’ button located to the left of the ’Lower’ tray, which will then transfer the balls to an automated counting machine.
This type does not use a dollar box, and instead transfers the balls to an automated counting machine. The flip side is that this method contributes to lowered labor costs.
The balls will be transferred out from the ’Lower’ tray, and will perhaps appear to have disappeared, but don’t worry. They are being properly counted, and recorded to your machine. Counted balls will be recorded to the LED display to the left of the machine.


What to do if you’re not sure which Type you are dealing with.


I recommend calling a staff member. Even if you cannot speak Japanese, if you show on your face that you are having difficulty, they will surely help you, and teach you how to perform the procedures through hand gestures.


“Kakuhen” (Bonus Stage): Determine whether your entry is a success or failure

From here things get a bit complicated.
When you hit a jackpot, you acquire the privilege of entering the Bonus Stage. Normally your chances of hitting a jackpot are 1 in 300, but in the Bonus Stage, they increase to 1 in 30. That means that you gain a better chance of hitting another jackpot. And when you hit a jackpot, there is the lottery of the Bonus Stage. And so on, you can play yourself into a winning loop.
The probability of entering the Bonus Stage will vary depending on machine type, but in general it is within the range of 50% to 66%.
Since it will be displayed in Japanese, it can be difficult to know whether you’ve entered the Bonus Stage or not. But there is a consistent principle that you can watch for. Although this won’t apply to all machine types, when you succeed in entering the Bonus Stage, you will generally see ornamental displays that say words such as “BIG BONUS” or “SUPER BIG BONUS”.
Congratulations. If you’ve made it this far, move on to “How to play 7”.

The example of Big Bonus . You can go to "Kakuhen"

On the other hand, if you have not successfully entered the Bonus Stage, you will see more conservative wording, such as “BONUS” or “NORMAL BONUS” or ”REGULAR BONUS”.
If so, please move on to “How to play 8”.

The example of Normal Bonus . You should go to "Jitan"


What do you think? When you hit a jackpot, things get much busier than normal. It’s important to note that during a jackpot, the LED display gets very busy, so you won’t want to miss the show. If you play several times you may get used to it, but the first time it happens you may find yourself bewildered. If possible, I would like for you to practice visualizing these results, and try to be able to enjoy the entertainment. Now, it’s finally time for the Bonus Stage!


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