How to play Pachinko

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Now, finally it’s time to play

To start playing, press the ‘Lending’ button.

Once you have verified that the counter does not read “0,” it’s finally time to start playing.
Make sure to press the ‘Lending’ button.
The ‘Lending’ button will vary depending on machine type, and since it will be written in Japanese, it may be a bit difficult to recognize.
However, they all share some common traits:

  1. The button will be located very close to the counter.
  2. There will be 2 buttons, and it will be located on the left.
  3. Typical Japanese words used on the button will be “球貸” or “玉貸”.

Press the ‘Lending’ button, and pachinko balls will be dispensed.
Verify that all of the balls have been dispensed.


Turn the Lever to the right to launch the balls, and start the lottery by hitting your balls into the Start chucker(pocket).

Grasp the Lever, located on the bottom right of the machine, and turn it to the right.
That will launch the balls.
Note that unless you use a moderate amount of strength to grasp and turn, the balls may not launch.

Always aim for the left side of the playing field.
If the balls fly to the right side of the playing field, it will be completely meaningless.
Be careful, because otherwise it will be like throwing your money into the garbage.

If you aim for the left side of the playing field, some of your balls will fall into the  Start chucker(pocket), located in the center of the field.
When that happens, the slot reels on the LED screen will begin to spin.
This is the start of the lottery.


Enjoy the lottery

There are no special skills needed whatsoever during the lottery.
Although on the LED screen the slot reels are spinning, in actuality, the machine is operating a lottery.
For that reason, all the player needs to do is watch the reels spin and assemble combinations.
There is no trick to this.
If there is a trick to this, it would be to remain patient.

The odds of a jackpot will vary depending on machine type, but in general, they are about 1 in 300.
So of course, the lower the odds, the bigger the return on a jackpot.
As with a slot machine at a casino, the lottery systems for these types of machines almost always result in a losing combination, so usually the most boring part of the process is waiting for a jackpot.
However, for a pachinko machine, you won’t need to worry about being bored.
During the lottery process, the LED screen will busy itself with animations and game characters actively moving about.
It’s like watching a real animated movie.
You can have fun just watching these animations, so you’ll hardly feel bored.
This is one of my points of recommendation for pachinko.


What do you think? Simple, isn’t it? You don’t need any special set of skills. All you have to do is turn the lever and wait for things to happen. Anyone can manage to aim their balls at the left side of the playing field. The target is massively huge.
And, I’m going to be repeating myself, but the great thing about pachinko is that you can enjoy the time spent waiting for a jackpot(which is usually the most boring part). You can amuse yourself just watching the characters on the LED screen. And so, even when you lose, the entire process is fun, but sometimes a player will play too much and the losses pile up. So as a gambler, that can be a problem...
One of the reasons why pachinko is so popular in Japan can be found in this element of having fun even while losing.


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