How to play Pachinko

[How to play 2] Learn the names of all the parts of a machine


Now It’s Time To Start Playing

But before we can get to that, we first need to explain how to play. But it’s easy to learn how to play. You need absolutely no special skills to play. Just insert your money, push the button, and turn the lever. See how easy it is?
Of course, because we are explaining these steps, we want you to learn the names of the various parts. This part will be a bit tedious, but we want you to bear with us. You’re almost ready to play!


Understand the pachinko machine

We want you to learn the names of the various parts of the pachinko machine. If this was football, it’s similar to learning the various positions.


Find a ‘Buy balls’ machine


You should be able to find a ‘Buy balls’ machine to the left of the pachinko machine.
The thing we don’t want you to misunderstand is that, there is not just one ‘Buy balls’ machine in the parlor. There is always one attached to each machine. So please make sure you find it.

On rare occasions, you will find a ‘Buy balls’ machine to the right, but we have almost never seen any positioned in that manner, so first try searching the upper left. If you don’t find one there, try looking to the upper right.


Once you insert your money, verify that the counter (the numbers on the bottom right of the machine) has increased.


You can insert money in ¥1,000 bills. (Accepts bills in denominations of ¥1,000, ¥5,000, and ¥10,000)

First, insert ¥1,000 into the ‘Buy balls’ machine, and verify that the counter has increased.
Now that you have made verification, you’ve achieved your first success!


What do you think? While it looks like a lot when written, in actuality all of these actions won’t even take a minute to perform. Now that you’ve inserted your money, the next step is to start playing. It’s finally time to play the long awaited pachinko.


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[How to play 3, 4] Let’s rent some balls, and start playing pachinko

Now, finally it’s time to play To start playing, press the ‘Lending’ button. Once you have verified ...

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