How to play Pachinko

[How to play 1] First, enter the pachinko parlor


First, Let’s Step Out!

In any case, you can’t get started until you step inside a pachinko parlor.
With just about anything, it’s the first, unfamiliar step that makes us tense.
But not to worry. A pachinko parlor is a place where anyone can enter, anytime, and there’s no cost to enter.
And there is no gatekeeper.
Feel free to enter, and first take in the atmosphere.


Enter The Parlor

First, enter the parlor. There is a more than 90% probability that you will find a parlor in front of the train stations in major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.


What You Need To Do First After Entering

After entering the parlor, the first thing you need to do is check out the layout of the place.

While viewing the layout, find the machine you want.

Because most of the signage is in Japanese, you will need to either write a note for the type of machine you want in Japanese and find it that way, find it on your own, or show your note to a staff member and have them find it for you. However, a pachinko parlor is not that big, so it should be possible for you to find it on your own.


Select A Machine


Machines are typically lined up in a row.
You can choose any machine you like.
Trust your intuition.
However, in some cases you will see luggage or bags left at the machine, which means that someone is already playing there, and has just left his or her seat temporarily.
You should not select such a machine.


So what do you think? Now you understand how easy it is to enter the parlor. Unlike a casino, because there is no process to go through, you may find yourself perplexed. But that’s okay. That’s how low the barriers to entry are for pachinko, which is an everyday form of entertainment for Japanese people.
It’s important to use your intuition when selecting a machine. No one can predict which machine can provide a jackpot. Sit down at a machine and enjoy the experience.


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[How to play 2] Learn the names of all the parts of a machine

Now It’s Time To Start Playing But before we can get to that, we first need to explain how to play. ...

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